Cost vs Benefits

Sandra finally found time to concentrate on growing her business. Before A+ Accounting took over her books she was spending every evening after the store closed struggling with record keeping. Now she has the time to uncover new business opportunities and develop new ways to serve her best customers. Since A+ Accounting began providing her with regular financial statements she was able to identify areas for cost cutting and direct her advertising dollars more productively. Sandra spends her time improving her bottom line. When their bookkeeper quit suddenly Russ and Edward were in trouble. For the second time in 12 months they found themselves advertising for an administrative assistant / bookkeeper and conducting endless interviews. When you don't need a full-time bookkeeper, you really don't want to pay a bookkeeper's salary to somebody who's only spending 20% of their time on accounting. It's not always easy, though, to find an employee with the right combination of skills. Now Russ and Edward are paying 25% less for their administrative assistant and when she gives notice they will have an easier time finding a replacement. Their accounting services are uninterrupted and they can be confident the quality is excellent as well, thanks to A+ Accounting. Matt never knew whether he was making money on every construction job. He was managing a crew of 3 and up to 6 jobs every month but was never sure he was making a profit on each job. A+ Accounting helped him set up job costing so that time and materials are accurately attributed to the appropriate job. Now his bids are more competitive, his crew management is more efficient, and Matt is confident he can handle his growing business. George came to A+ Accounting after paying his second penalty to the IRS for late filing of his payroll taxes. He used to think his single employee didn't justify the costs of hiring somebody to manage his payroll tax payments, but running a business can get hectic at times and George found it too easy to miss a deadline. The penalties and interest he gave the government would have paid for over 6 months of payroll services from A+ Accounting. When we handle your payroll and make a mistake, we pay the penalties. Now George relies on A+ Accounting for all his payroll needs, and never needs to worry about missing a deadline or required form filing again.